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KACTUS Biosystems

KACTUS specializes in design and manufacturing of high-purity, high-activity, recombinant protein and enzyme products for a range of fields including antibody drug discovery, immunotherapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapeutics. Our catalog selection of 2500+ ready-made recombinant proteins includes various targets, species, tags, and labels. We carefully select our catalog products based on the unmet needs of scientists in drug development. Approval of each protein is based on product quality and reliability of supply.

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KACTUS Biosystems

GMP-Grade Enzymes for mRNA Production from KACTUS Biosystems

  • Full range of enzymes for template preparation, transcription, & modification.

  • GMP-grade & GMP-ready.

  • Registered with FDA Drug Master Files (DMF)

  • R&D production headquarters of over 5,000 square meters

  • GMP-production facility of over 10,000 square meters

  • Scientific team of 200 researchers and production engineers