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CustoScan supplies customers in the EU and the USA with anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy detection antibodies from the Chinese antibody specialist BioSwan Laboratories Inc. from Shanghai. BioSwan's revolutionary anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy detection antibody (rabbit anti-mouse FMC63 scFv) enables industry-leading detection of 1 CD19 CAR T-cell per 100,000 PBMCs from a patient sample by flow cytometric assay (0.001% cut-off detection).
They thus offer the best sensitivity in CAR T cell detection currently available on the market. With their outstanding accuracy, precision and sensitivity, they enable new approaches in CAR-T therapy.
Bioswan's detection antibodies are already being used by multinational companies, life science startups and the world-renowned Harvard University in the USA.
The CGT recombinant proteins are from T&L Biotechnology LTD in Beijing. The product range extends from eukaryotic recombinant proteins and cytokines to drug targeting antigens.
The company has built advanced cGMP standard clean rooms (level 10,000) for manufacturing and also provides platforms for manufacturing of mammalian cell expression systems, in vitro reagents and cell therapy development.
T&L are ISO13485, ISO9001 certified, hold NK cell production patent and several products are FDA and DMF registered.

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