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Aptamer Group

Aptamer Group provides a range of professional custom services to the life sciences industry. Over the coming decades aptamer technology will have a profound effect on the life science market helping provide more cost-effective solutions to end users. They aim to address market needs through specialising in the provision of high quality research and commercial consumables and high throughput aptamer screening services in biomarker discovery and validation tools, diagnostics devices / reagents and therapeutic lead compounds. Aptamers are nucleic acid molecules made from DNA or RNA. Aptamers bind to other molecules with a higher degree of specificity and sensitivity than antibodies. Aptamers also have few of the drawbacks associated with antibodies, making them suitable replacements in many applications. The aptamers they develop are used in a variety of areas of life sciences research. For example: • Protein Purification • Western Blotting • ELISA • Biosensors • Fluorescence Microscopy • Flow Cytometry • Immunoprecipitation Aptamer Group have also developed a first in-kind biomarker discovery process, which is set to breathe new life into the proteomics market. Their aptamers are currently being used in a variety of scenarios where antibodies have failed and are being expertly combined with microfluidics, electrochemical sensors and various nanotechnologies. Low manufacturing costs and speed of delivery means aptamers can be used at some point along the drug discovery process to facilitate the development of diagnostics and treatments. Aptamer Group is pleased to announce availability of Optimers[TM] as the new standard for their custom development services. Aptamer Group is dedicated to continually improve its service offerings to identify the best reagent(s) from within their vast aptamer libraries in the shortest time possible. As part of this process improvement they have recently validated their proprietary automated Minimal Aptamer Fragment Identification (MAFI) for the development of kinetically optimised aptamers in the same delivery time as their previous approach. These improved aptamers will be differentiated from the standard library aptamers as Optimers[TM]. Kinetically optimised aptamers can have multiple advantages, when compared to their precursor aptamer sequences, making it an essential step in the development of the highest quality reagents against cellular, protein or small molecular targets.

Custom Aptamer Service

Aptamer Beacons
Enzyme Linked Oligonucleotide Assays (ELONA)
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