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AcZon Nano BioTech

AcZon is an Italian Company specialising in biotechnology that develops, produces and commercialises Silica Nanoparticles (Nanoprobes) - for diagnostic, clinical and research fields - as well as a range of conventional reagents optimised for various applications as, for example, fluorescent antibodies.

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AcZon Nano BioTech
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Silica fluorescent nanoparticles for immunofluorescence assays

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Novel Reagents for Flow Cytometry

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Custom Services

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AcZon NanoChromes line includes a huge selection of fluorescent nanoparticles in which a single fluorophore is included. NanoChrome excitation and emission wavelengths are typical of the molecule hosted in the silica matrix. Many advantages are brought to immunofluorescence assays by this new class of products (respect of the equivalent molecular fluorophores).

First of all, the number of fluorescent molecules bounded per signalling molecule is higher if compared with traditional one in which an anchoring point on the signalling molecule correspond to a single fluorescent molecule. The presence of many fluorescent specie per signalling molecule gives back a stronger signal. In addition, the presence of the silica matrix, exerts a double protective effect:

It protects the fluorescent molecules (well known as highly sensitive) from the action of the interfering agents present in the environment giving a more stable signal. The isolation of the fluorescent molecules in the core of the nanoparticle, avoid their non-specific bindings to blood cells giving a clearer signal thanks to the background noise reduction.


AcZon NanoTandem line has been created to answer to cytometrists’ need of a new class of tandem dyes stable across the time and not requiring a frequent resetting of the instruments. AcZon NanoTandems, on a par with conventional tandem dyes, exploit the FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) phenomenon which allows to achieve a larger Stokes shift thanks to a fluorophores chain (from 2 to 6 different fluorophores) acting among them as donors and acceptors.

The silica shield protects all the molecules, mainly the most sensitive, from the interferences of the external environment allowing the achievement of satisfactory results with a unique setting of instruments parameter. Nanoparticles size arranges fluorophores at the optimal distance to obtain the maximum efficacy of the energy transfer, increasing the emission of the last acceptor and limiting the unwilled emission of the intermediate fluorophores of the chain.  

Custom NPS Design

AcZon know-how acquired during the R&D period which lead to the new nanoparticles-based technology, is made available to customers thanks to the personalized nanoparticles synthesis service. Thanks to AcZon experience, is possible to customize both the structural nanoparticles compartments (core/shell), tune the nanoparticles size and optimize the product according to the intended use.

AcZon can bind, on the external nanoparticles surface different reactive moieties, in a ratio defined by the customer, based on the chemical specie selected for nanoparticles coating. At the same way, different hydrophobic molecules typologies can be covalently bounded inside the nanoparticles conferring them the optimal features for the hypothesized use.

AcZon custom nanoparticles synthesis is intended as a co-development project among AcZon experts and the customer thanks to a direct relationship. The customer will be in contact with the scientist appointed for the project and will be constantly updated about the progression of the required activity.


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