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Abiel is a biotechnology company committed to R&D, production and marketing of innovative high quality lytic enzymes for tissue dissociation in cell therapy and regenerative medicine applications. Our tissue dissociation enzymes, synthesized by DNA recombinant technology, ensure high stability, batch-to-batch reproducibility and purity. Abiel's recombinant enzymes represent a step forward towards the optimization and standardization of cell isolation protocols, a major challenge in the future of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Abiel also provides services and R&D in the field of lytic enzymes, including the screening, characterization and production of new enzymes from biomarine resources for industry.

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Abiel Biotech
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Cell isolation from organ or tissues represents a critical step: not only a high number of living and functional cells needs to be isolated, but also reproducible protocols and results are necessary.

Proper enzymes selection is perhaps the most important determinant for successful isolation.

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COL G and COL H recombinant collagenases are designed to improve cell isolation reproducibility and standardization, enhancing cell yield and viability. Suitable for all tissues, COL G and COL H preserve your stem cells and primary cells. COL G and COL H can be mixed in specific formulations for each application. Each formulation is 100% reproducible and does not require any preliminary test. The absence of other proteolytic activities and the innovative purification technology make the final product remarkably stable and ensure lot-to-lot consistency.

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Maximum reproductibility by defining the enzyme units and the exact formulation of collagenases required. The results will be consistent overtime, allowing to obtain a high number of viable cells every time,

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Purity & Stability

Thanks to the DNA recombination technology, we obtain high purity (>99%) collagenases (COL G or COL H, in a separate fermentation process). The enzymess purity ensures stability of enzyme properties overtime, with a shelf life of up to 3 years.

Cost Saving

Thanks to easier standardisation and lower waste due to flexibility of product, and to the more efficient use of biological material. Abiel's enzymmes will generate significant cost saving to the end user!

Standardised Protocols

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