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Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) hold great promise in various clinical applications including drug screening, toxicology testing, disease modeling and tissue regeneration. There are numerous opportunities in which hiPSCs can potentially be an integral part in developing therapeutic strategies for multiple pathologies in regenerative medicine. Despite their wide array of applications, the derivation of hiPSCs from virtually any adult tissue has to meet certain standards in order to be utilized in the clinic. It is critical that derivation of high quality hiPSCs be produced without the risk of insertion of exogenous DNA, as random integration can lead to insertional mutagenesis with unpredictable effects on the quality and safety of the cells. Moreover, clinical application and commercialization of hiPSCs necessitates a derivation protocol that is feeder-free, rapid, efficient and cost effective. It is therefore important that the time spent after reprogramming, in which clonal lines are characterized and potentially differentiated into any cell type of interest, is as minimal as possible. Rapidly derived and integration-free hiPSCs have to adhere to current regulatory quality standards for potential cell based therapies.Human pluripotent stem cell research offers signifacnt potential for disease modeling, drug screening applications and cell therapy. To fully harness this potential, our suppliers Ascendance Biotechnology (ESI Bio) has dedicated itself to providig innovative technology and supporting products which allow greater scientific control over cell experiments. Their portfolio includes a variety of tools designed, optimised and validated on stem cells for reliable results.