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PrimeStore® MTM

Self-contained, ready-to-use system that allows for the stabilization
and safe transport of clinical samples at ambient temperature from
the collection site to the laboratory.

VMRD has partnered with Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics to provide critical Molecular Transport Media (MTM) to the veterinary market. The PrimeStore® MTM is a FDA approved medical device that is validated for the use in COVID-19 qPCR testing. Its patented buffer successfully inactivates virus and bacteria by destroying enzymes and proteins and disrupts lipid membranes thus, stabilizing nucleic acid. This inactivation provides stability and safe handling to transport potentially infectious material.

Product features

  • Confidently perform sensitive PCR testing; stabilization ensures sample quality to begin with.
  • Eliminates containment need; samples can be handled in a BLS1 setting.
  • Eliminates extra inactivation/heating steps that reduces nucleic acid quality and quantity.
  • Eliminates cold chain transport; sample is stable at 2-25°C for up to 30 days.
  • Works with commonly used spin column and magnetic bead-based extraction kits.
  • Bank samples in cold storage. Media maintains nucleic acid stability.
  • Available format: 50 pack of 1.5 mL in a 5 mL tube, 1L bottle, 20 L box.

It all starts with the Sample

  • PrimeStore® MTM is the first Molecular Cleared for Sample Inactivation
  • First Molecular Device Cleared in a single filling for Stabilization and Ambient Temperature Transport of RNA and DNA
  • Cleared for used with Multiple Extraction Technologies and No Specific Assay
  • Now with 24 month shelf life/ expiration prior to adding sample
  • Microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilization device

Why use PrimeStore® MTM ?

  1. Sample Quality = Accurate Results
  2. Eliminates poor/bad/wrong results
  3. Reduces lost/ wasted time and money
  4. Quickly provide the correct patient treatment
  5. No cold chain shipping = Lower Costs
  6. Sample transport and workplace/ lab technician safety (including small clinics with POC)= Lower Costs
  7. No need for containment equipment of facilities= Lower Costs
  8. Same tube for collection, inactivation, shipping and storage (including Bio-Banking) = Lower Costs

Sample Types in PrimeStore® MTM

  • Sputum
  • Saliva
  • Swabs (oral, throat, nasal, nasopharyngeal, buccal)
  • Blood/Plasma/Serum
  • Nasal washes
  • Urine, other body fluids
  • Fecal/Stool
  • Oral fluids, Processing fluids (farmed animals)
  • Vector-borne (mosquitos, sand flies, ticks, midges, etc)
  • Tissue (including lung, kidney, liver, spleen, brain, probang)
  • Food samples
  • Environmental (cloacal, soil, water)

PrimeStore® MTM targets

  • Human
  • Clinical Trials
  • Animal
  • Aquaculture
  • Plant
  • Environmental (water, soil, other)
  • Food Safety
  • Forensic

Increase Throughput with Sample Pooling


As SARS-CoV-2 testing needs continue to increase during the pandemic, many current and on-going studies have validated pooling methods to increase throughput. Pooling allows these labs to test higher volumes using the material they would for one sample, saving time and resources. In both studies, individual samples were received, and then aliquots taken from each to create a pool. Nucleic acid was then extracted and tested for SARS-CoV-2 using their chosen PCR kit. If a pool were to come up positive, then relevant samples would be individually tested to determine which was positive, and then respective patient(s) notified.

One study demonstrates that the PrimeStore® MTM is ideal for pooling samples to test large sample numbers.

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