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TGF-β1 Plus

For more reproducible animal-free iPSC and ESC chemically-defined culture media

The first optimised animal-free recombinant human TGF-β1

Maintains iPSC pluripotency with high Nanog expression

TGF-β1 PLUS (Qk010) maintains pluripotency and good colony morphology at 1 ng/ml in a chemically-defined serum and feeder-free iPSC culture.

Immuno-staining for pluripotency markers Tra1-60 and Nanog show high levels of expression in stable iPSCs maintained in TGF-β1 PLUS (Qk010)-containing defined media.

Stemnovate has a biobank of diverse, stable, genotyped IPS lines that pass stringent tests for pluripotency and three germ layer differentiation not available in any other commercial product. We further use well-defined culture conditions so that a subtle response to cytokines can be evaluated in assays using nanogram to microgram concentrations. Qkine’s TGF-β1 PLUS performed well on criteria such as maintaining Nanog and Tra-160 expression as these are vital genes for pluripotency.

Ruchi Sharma, CEO and Founder, Stemnovate

Enhanced bioactivity when benchmarked against other suppliers

Stemnovate IPS media (chemically-defined, serum and feeder-free culture). Higher Nanog pluripotency marker immuno-staining in human iPSC cultured in Qkine FGF2 (Qk025) and TGF-β1 PLUS (Qk010).

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