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Ideal Tools for Anti-CD19 CAR Expression

DMF Filed CD19 protein

  • High activity verified by FACS, SPR and ELISA
  • Biotinylated, fluorescent-labeled and unconjugated CD19 are available
  • Suitable for detecting anti-CD19 CAR expression and PK assay

Anti-FMC63 scFv Antibody

  • Recognize the antigen-recognition domain of FMC63 derived anti-CD19 CARs with high sensitivity and high specificity
  • Ideal for detecting FMC63 derived anti-CD19 CARs in clinical trials

CD19 protein

Anti-FMC63 scFv Antibody

HEK293 Expressed Full Length CD20 Protein

CD20 is a hot target for the treatment of lymphoma, leukemia and some autoimmune diseases. However, due to low expression titer and the unstable bioactivity, it is so difficult to find an active CD20 protein on the market for antibody drug development and the CD20 CAR expression detection.

ACROBiosystems has developed the highly active full length multi-transmembrane CD20 proteins, expressed by HEK293 cells. The active full length CD20 proteins carry both big and small ECD loops, and bind Rituximab and Ofatumumab with high binding affinity in ELISA and SPR assay. We have different types of CD20 proteins include unconjugated protein, biotinylated proteins with DDM and Nanodisc, which are suitable for immunization, ELISA, SPR, BLI and FACS.

Product Features

  • Authentic conformation with both small and big loops
  • Super bioactivity verified by ELISA/SPR/BLI/FACS
  • Suitable for drug screening, characterization, quality control and CAR expression detection


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