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CAL2 a monoclonal antibody for detection of all different types of CALR mutations in MPNs

CAL2 enables reliable distinction of CALR mutated ET and PMF from PV and reactive bone marrow alterations

Diagnostic significance of CALR mutations in relation to JAK2 and MPL mutations in MPNs

CALR mutations are detectable in 67% of ET and 88% of PMF cases with non-mutated JAK2 or MPL. It is mutually exclusive with mutations of JAK2 or MPL in MPNs: The detection of CALR mutations fills a diagnostic gap in ET and PMF patients harbouring non-mutated JAK2/MPL.

Klampfl T et al. Somatic Mutations of Calreticulin in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms. N Engl J Med 369(25): 2379-2390, 2013.
Nangalia J et al. Somatic CALR Mutations in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms with Nonmutated JAK2. N Engl J Med 369(25): 2391-2405, 2013

CAL2 Immunostaining correlates 100% with Sanger sequencing

Sanger Sequencing Result of CAL2 Immunihistochemistry
  Positive Negative
Positive 52 0
Negative 0 121

Total No. of investigated cases N = 173
Data from a study by Stein et al, Leukemia 2015

Application of CAL2 Monoclonal Antibody

CAL2 antibody immunohistochemistry (IHC) is suitable for:

  • a specific, sensitive, rapid and cost-effective identification of different types of CALR mutations in FFPE bone marrow sections
  • excluding JAK2 mutation and therefore diagnosis of PV
  • indication for molecular analysis of CALR mutation for distinguishing type 1 and 2 mutations
Antibody CAL2, a mouse monoclonal anti human antibody
Target Protein Formalin resistant common epitope expressed in the
mutated CALRETICULIN peptide
Gene Symbol CALR
Gene Location 19p 13. 3-13.2
Mutation Location Exon 9
OMIM ID 109091

Why is CAL2 able to detect all known types of CALR mutations?

All different types of CALR mutation result in a novel C-terminus. This harbors a common epitope expressed in all different types of CALR mutations. The CAL2 antibody is directed against this common epitope. Therefore, it can be concluded that the CAL2 antibody is able to detect all CALR mutations.

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Directed at Mutated CALR
clone CAL2

Product Code Quantity Source/Reactivity Mouse / Human
Clone CAL2
Host/ Isotype Mouse/IgG2a
Application IHC-P
Applicable Dilution 1:20 - 1:40