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Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy is a treatment of the new age. 

Gene Therapy is a new age treatment where a functioning gene is delivered to replace or correct the function of abnormal gene. Using functioning genes as a medicinal agent that can target the underlying cause, these therapies act at a cellular level. Even after one successful administration of approved potential treatment, the functioning gene can aid in producing functioning proteins (12). Currently, there are two main ways to modify the genetic structure of cells either via virus-mediated mechanisms or physically through nanotechnology-derived preparations (13). The range of commercially available Gene Therapy options continue to grow despite being highly regulated and monitored by regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EMA. Currently, fourteen approved Gene Therapies are available globally. Also, there are several new areas of research and scopes in reprogramming cells, synthetic biology and high-throughput functional genomics. Gene therapy will undoubtedly continue to shape the face of biomedical research (14) .

From upstream processing to downstream purification at 2BScientific Ltd, we can aid pre-clinical Gene Therapy workflow so that researchers can accelerate their work to deliver lifesaving, breakthrough therapies.

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