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NGS Reagents for Perturb-Seq Barcoded

We can offer Cellecta’s NGS Prep Kit for CloneTracker XP-CRISPR Libraries Barcode Libraries cloned into the pRSGScribe vector provides a protocol and reagents for PCR amplification from genomic DNA and NGS sequencing of sgRNA/barcode sequence cassettes from biological samples screened using these libraries. There are sufficient reagents for the processing of 12-48 DNA samples (depending on how much DNA is in each sample). Each primer is indexed uniquely so that up to 12 samples can be run in single lane. Also, the kit allows rapid and easy analysis of the sequences obtained with the kit. It aligns barcode reads from Illumina NGS FASTQ files and demultiplexes samples. It generates a spreadsheet with all the barcode counts in each sample.

Product Catalog

Catalog No. Description
LNGS-350 NGS Prep Kit for CRISPR-Barcode Libraries in pRSGScribe1cb (CloneTracker XP™ CRISPR)
LNGS-350-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-350 (12 Additional Index Primers)

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