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VECTASHIELD[R] PLUS Antifade Mounting Medium

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Mounting Media [Mounting Media ]
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VECTASHIELD PLUS Antifade Mounting Medium is a unique, stable formula for preserving fluorescence. VECTASHIELD PLUS Mounting Medium inhibits rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes and prolongs possible imaging time.


  • Ideal refractive index
  • Ready to use
  • No warming necessary
  • Can be stored without sealing for long term analysis
  • Easy to use

The original VECTASHIELD PLUS Mounting Medium does not solidify, but remains a liquid on the slide and can be stored without sealing. If desired, coverslips can be sealed around the perimeter with nail polish or a plastic sealant. Mounted slides should be stored at 2-8 °C, protected from light.

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Storage Conditions:
Vector Laboratories
What are the advantages of VECTASHIELD PLUS over regular VECTASHIELD (H-1000 & H-1200):
VECTASHIELD PLUS provides several advantages over the regular VECTASHIELD (H-1000 & H-1200). In particular, VECTASHIELD PLUS media have significantly lower inherent background toning and provide superior signal retention particularly in the far-red spectrum (e.g. Cy5).
Does the coverslip need to be sealed with anil polish or similar compound after mounting?:
Similar to other non-setting media, we recommend you to seal the coverslip perimeter if the intention is to store the slides for a period of time.
Does VECTASHIELD PLUS perform equivalently or better with Alexa Fluor dyes compared with the regular VECTASHIELD (H-1000 & H-1200)?:
Yes, the antifade mounting media are at least equivalent in signal retention. We have not seen any reduction in performance with any fluorophores evaluated, and with some dyes (i.e. Alexa Fluor 647 and Dylight 649) there are advantages.
Is VECTASHIELD PLUS suitable for super microscopy (SRM)?:
We do know that regular VECTASHIELD antifade mounting media (H-1000 & H-1200) are suitable for SRM. However, the formulation for VECTASHIELD PLUS is different from that used for regular VECTASHIELD. Indeed, one component of H-1000 and H-1200 that may have been a contributing factor to the underlying blue tone and that appears to play a key role in optimal signal for SRM, has been removed from VECTASHIELD PLUS. Therefore, until we have data to the contrary VECTASHIELD PLUS would not be recommended for SRM.