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VECTASHIELD[R] Antifade Mounting Medium

Additional Names:
Mounting Media [Mounting Media ]
Extra Details:
VECTASHIELD[R] Antifade Mounting Medium is a unique, stable formula for preserving fluorescence.

VECTASHIELD[R] Mounting Medium prevents rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes and will prolong possible imaging time.


  • Inhibits photobleaching of dyes and fluorescent proteins
  • Ideal refractive index
  • Ready to use
  • Offered with nuclear or cytoskeletal counterstains
  • Available in non-hardening or hardening formulations
  • No warming necessary
  • Can be stored without sealing for long term analysis
  • Easy to use
  • The original VECTASHIELD[R] Mounting Medium does not solidify, but remains a liquid on the slide and can be stored without sealing. If desired, coverslips can be sealed around the perimeter with nail polish or a plastic sealant. Mounted slides should be stored at 4 °C, protected from light.

    VECTASHIELD[R] Mounting Media are compatible with a wide array of fluorochromes, enzymatic substrates, and fluorescent proteins. Please contact technical services to determine if VECTASHIELD[R] will be compatible in your system if you have any queries.

    The refractive index for VECTASHIELD[R] Mounting Medium is 1.45.

    VECTASHIELD[R] Mounting Medium in Super Resolution Microscopy

    The optimal medium for super-resolution imaging methods maximizes the lifetime and photo-switching characteristics of fluorophores. VECTASHIELD[R] Mounting Medium has been shown to be compatible with a number of fluorophores used in super resolution methods including STORM, STED, and 3D-SIMM imaging, such as Cy5 or Alexa fluor 647, resulting in greater convenience and reproducibility of the method. (Olivier, N. et al., 2013, Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 4 No. 6, pp. 885-899).

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