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VECTASTAIN[R] ABC-AmP Reagent (Standard, Western Blot Detection)

Additional Names:
VectaStain ABC Kits [Detection Systems ], Avidin Biotin Complex Kits, Western blot detection
Extra Details:
Greater sensitivity can be achieved by using an amplified detection procedure. Our biotin/avidin and biotin/streptavidin systems introduce a large number of enzymes to the target site providing signal amplification while maintaining low background.

The VECTASTAIN[R] ABC-AmP is an amplified ABC alkaline phosphatase reagent for the detection of mouse or rabbit primary antibodies on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. The signal can be visualized using either a chemiluminescent/ chemifluorescent or a chromogenic substrate. Used with the DuoLuX[TM] Chemiluminescent/Chemifluorescent Substrate, the VECTASTAIN[R] ABC- AmP system produces a very high and sustained light emission signal, with low background, and permanent fluorescence.

The sensitivity of VECTASTAIN[R] ABC-AmP Reagent combined with the DuoLux substrate allows for the detection of as little as 1 pg of target protein.

The VECTASTAIN[R] ABC-AmP Reagent is sufficient to develop approximately twenty 100 cm2blots.


  • Amplified ABC alkaline phosphatase reagent for protein blot detection
  • Uses biotin/streptavidin technology
  • Use with the DuoLuX[TM] Chemiluminescent/Chemifluorescent Substrate to produce a very high and sustained light emissions signal, with low background, and permanent fluorescence
  • Can detect as little as 1 pg target protein when used with DuoLuX[TM] Substrate
  • Standard Kit contains Reagent A and Reagent B only
  • Sufficient reagents to develop twenty 100 cm2 blots
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