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Cyclic AMP CLIA Kit (High-Sensitivity)

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Additional Names:
3'-5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate CLIA Kit
Extra Details:
Adenosine-3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cyclic AMP) is a second messenger that plays an important role in intracellular regulation. Specifically, it functions as a mediator of activity of several key hormones including epinephrine, glucagon, and ACTH (1-4). Adenylate cyclase is activated by the hormones glucagon and adrenaline and by G protein. Liver adenylate cyclase responds more strongly to glucagon, and muscle adenylate cyclase responds more strongly to adrenaline. cAMP decomposition into AMP is catalyzed by the enzyme phosphodiesterase. In the Human Metabolome Database there are 166 metabolic enzymes listed that convert cAMP (5). Other biological actions of cAMP include regulation of innate immune functioning (6), axon regeneration (7), cancer (8), and inflammation (9).
Regular: 0.185 - 15 pmol/ml. Acetylated: 0.039 - 5 pmol/ml
0.119 pmol/ml
Shipping Conditions:
Blue Ice
Storage Conditions:
StressMarq Biosciences Inc
96 well
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Price for 96 well £518.00

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