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Human IFN-gamma/Granzyme B/TNF-alpha FluoroSpotPLUS kit

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The FluoroSpot assay is an inventive development of the ELISpot assay and uses fluorescent detection instead of colorimetric. This allows for simultaneous detection of several analytes, which is a major advantage. The human IFN--gamma/Granzyme B/TNF-α FluoroSpot kit is perfect for users who wish to have a convenient assay with minimized assay variability. It enables enumeration of cells secreting one, two or three analytes. The kit includes low fluorescent plates pre-coated with monoclonal capture antibodies, monoclonal detection antibodies, secondary reagents conjugated to fluorophores, a fluorescence enhancer and an anti-CD28 monoclonal antibody for co-stimulation. A polyclonal activator for human T cells (monoclonal antibody (mAb) clone CD3-2) is supplied as a positive control for cytokine secretion.
pre-coated plates
Gene Details:
3458, 3002, 7124
Granzyme B, IFNG, TNFA
Birrueta, G., et al. (2019). Variability in German Cockroach Extract Composition Greatly Impacts T Cell Potency in Cockroach-Allergic Donors. Front Immunol. ( Brunskole Hummel, I., et al. (2016). Characteristics of immune memory 10–15 years after primary hepatitis B vaccination. Vaccine. ( Jelcic, I., et al. (2018). Memory B Cells Activate Brain-Homing, Autoreactive CD4(+) T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis. Cell. ( Grist, J. T., et al. (2018). Extracellular Lactate: A Novel Measure of T Cell Proliferation. Journal of immunology. ( Bronge, M., et al. (2019). Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein revisited-sensitive detection of MOG-specific T-cells in multiple sclerosis. Journal of autoimmunity. (
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