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FIX&PERM[R] Kit 1000 (CE)

Additional Names:
Fix and Perm, Fix & Perm
Flow Cytometry
Recent application paper: Nies KPH, Kraaijvanger R, Lindelauf KHK, Drent RJMR, Rutten RMJ, Ramaekers FCS, Leers MPG. Determination of the proliferative fractions in differentiating hematopoietic cell lineages of normal bone marrow. Cytometry A. (2018) 93, 1097-1105. doi: 10.1002/cyto.a.23564. Further reading: - Gerna, G., Percivalle, E., Lilleri, D., Lozza, L., Fornara, C., Hahn, G., Baldanti, F. & Revello, M. G. (2005) J Gen Virol 86, 275-84. - Groeneveld, K., te Marvelde, J. G., van den Beemd, M. W., Hooijkaas, H. & van Dongen, J. J. (1996) Leukemia 10, 1383-9. - Haranaga, S., Yamaguchi, H., Friedman, H., Izumi, S., & Yamamoto, Y. (2001) Infect Immun 69, 7753-9. - Hegazy, A. N. & Klein, C. (2008) Leukemia 22, 2070-9. - Kappelmayer, J., Gratama, J. W., Karaszi, E., Menendez, P., Ciudad, J., Rivas, R. & Orfao, A. (2000) J Immunol Methods 242, 53-65. - Kline, M. P., Rajkumar, S. V., Timm, M. M., Kimlinger, T. K., Haug, J. L., Lust, J. A., Greipp, P. R. & Kumar, S. (2007) Leukemia 21, 1549-60 - Knapp, W., Majdic, O. & Strobl, H. (1993) Recent Results Cancer Res 131, 31-40. - Knapp, W., Strobl, H. & Majdic, O. (1994) Cytometry 18, 187-98. - Knapp, W., Strobl, H., Scheinecker, C., Bello-Fernandez, C. & Majdic, O. (1995) Ann Hematol 70, 281-96. - Konikova, E., Glasova, M., Kusenda, J. & Babusikova, O. (1998) Neoplasma 45, 282-91. - Lanza, F., Latorraca, A., Moretti, S., Castagnari, B., Ferrari, L. & Castoldi, G. (1997) Cytometry 30, 134-44. - Millard, I., Degrave, E., Philippe, M. & Gala, J. L. (1998) Clin Chem 44, 2320-30. - Nakase, K., Sartor, M. & Bradstock (1998) Cytometry 34, 198-202. - Pascale, F., Contreras, V., Bonneau, M., Courbet, A., Chilmonczyk, S., Bevilacqua, C., Epardaud, M., Niborski, V., Riffault, S., Balazuc, A. M., Foulon, E., Guzylack-Piriou, L., Riteau, B., Hope, J., Bertho, N., Charley, B. & Schwartz-Cornil, I. (2008) J Immunol 180, 5963-72 - Pickl, W. F., Majdic, O., Kohl, P., Stockl, J., Riedl, E., Scheinecker, C., Bello-Fernandez, C. & Knapp, W. (1996) J Immunol 157, 3850-9. - Riera-Sans, L., & Behrens, A. (2007) J Immunol 178, 5690-700 - Roberts, J. L., Lengi, A., Brown, S. M., Chen, M., Zhou, Y. J., O'Shea, J. J. & Buckley, R. H. (2004) Blood 103, 2009-18 - Sargent, R. L., Craig, F. E. & Swerdlow, S. H. (2009) Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2, 574-82 - Scheinecker, C., Strobl, H., Fritsch, G., Csmarits, B., Krieger, O., Majdic, O. & Knapp, W. (1995) Blood 86, 4115-23. - Sedlmayr, P., Grosshaupt, B. & Muntean, W. (1996) Cytometry 23, 284-9. - Strobl, H. & Knapp, W. (2004) J Biol Regul Homeost Agents 18, 335-9. - Strobl, H., Scheinecker, C., Csmarits, B., Majdic, O. & Knapp, W. (1995) Br J Haematol 90, 774-82. - Strobl, H., Scheinecker, C., Riedl, E., Csmarits, B., Bello-Fernandez, C., Pickl, W. F., Majdic, O. & Knapp, W. (1998) J Immunol 161, 740-8. - Strobl, H., Takimoto, M., Majdic, O., Fritsch, G., Scheinecker, C., Hocker, P. & Knapp, W. (1993) Blood 82, 2069-78. - Wang, X., Chang, X., Facchinetti, V., Zhuang, Y. & Su, B. (2009) J Immunol 182, 3597-608
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Storage Conditions:
FIX&PERM[R] Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit reagents should be stored and used at room temperature. Do not freeze. Stability of the reagent: Please refer to the expiry date printed onto the vial. The use of the reagent after the expiration date is not recommended. If reagents are stored under any conditions other than those specified, the conditions must be verified by the user. Do not use reagents if a precipitate should form or discoloration occurs. If unexpected results are obtained which cannot be attributed to differences in laboratory procedures, please contact us.
Exalpha / Nordic Mubio
2 x 100ml
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