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GroE Mix

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Explore all PUREfrex® products and accessories from our PUREfrex® homepage. GroE Mix is a supplement for the PUREfrex® series reconstituted coupled transcription/translation systems, designed to promote proper folding and solubility of proteins that require molecular chaperones for proper protein folding. GroE Mix comprises an optimized ratio of highly purified E.coli-derived GroEL (Hsp60) and GroES. Chaperone SupplementDnaK Mix comprises highly purified and ratio-optimized E. coli DnaK, DnaJ and GrpE. DnaK, known as Hsp70, has ATPase activity and is stimulated by co-chaperones DnaJ and GrpE. DnaJ facilitates DnaK ATPase activity and binds to hydrophobic regions of synthesized proteins. GrpE stimulates ADP/ATP exchange of DnaK. DnaK Mix works well with PUREfrex®series and DsbC Set. Chaperone SupplementGroE Mix comprises highly purified and ratio-optimized E. coli GroEL (known as Hsp60) and GroES (works in conjunction with GroEL)., GFK
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Dry Ice
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Cosmo Bio Ltd
Cells: Culture Media
500 ul
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