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Ethiopia - Bees For Development Oct 22

Bees for Development is the global charity which makes life better with bees. They promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, build resilient livelihoods and benefit biodiversity.

Monthly Update:

Right now, the Bees for Development Ethiopia team are working in partnership with Pesticide Action - delivering training to government staff - on how to train farmers to grow crops without pesticicides. Everyone is learning how to recognise solitary bees and why all bees are such excellent pollinators.

We are delighted that UK Expert entomologist Mike Edwards had joined in this work. Mike emphasised how the ‘Natural Enemies’ that predate on aphids and caterpillars, must feed on flowers to develop their ovaries, before they can begin egg-laying. Wasps and hoverflies therefore need flowering plants in farms so they can perform their role as farmers’ friends.


The project team in Ethiopia are planting trees for bees and to restore degraded landscapes, reaching a total of 148,000 trees planted so far!