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Uganda - Bees For Development Nov 22

Bees for Development is the global charity which makes life better with bees. They promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, build resilient livelihoods and benefit biodiversity.

Monthly Update from Bees For Development:

"Our work with people with disability in Uganda is underway. 
Apiary Masters, who are qualified beekeepers employed as trainers by our partner TUNADO, are key to the work. They have now received specilaised training on how to support people who are visually or hearing impaired to become beekeepers.

A high proportion of the Apiary Masters are female, and TUNADO especially targets younger people for recruitment, providing a fantastic opportunity for this young cohort to establish themselves within the beekeeping world."


Bees For Development provide beekeeping training to people wishing to integrate beekeeping into their small-scale farms, with training programmes that reach the most vulnerable and marginalised people, including women, landless youth, people with disabilities and minority groups.

They have now reached a total of 336 of People with Disabilties trained as beekeepers!