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Multiple Labelling: Tried & Tested for Every Laboratory

Joint webinar:-

Wednesday 9th June 16.00 BST

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The need to get as much information from every tissue section to further our understanding of tissues and cells is crucial. Some multiplexing systems claim many targets can be stained per section, but in reality they still have several limitations. These include the availability of targets to stain and the complexity of methods requiring IHC outsourcing - making it time consuming and costly. Where smaller numbers of targets need to be imaged, many laboratories may have the resources to stain sections with 2-3 labels already, but do not have the confidence to multiple label in house.

  • Why select validated antibodies - advantages of the HistoSure™ Range
  • HistoSure™ validation
  • How to select combinations of primary antibodies for multiple labelling. 
  • Considerations for multiple labelling
  • Enzyme systems and substrate choice
  • Detection reagents
  • Counterstaining (or not) 

2BScientific have teamed up with 2 of our suppliers to bring you this webinar discussing IHC multiple labelling with enzymatic ABC or polymer kits, and to help you expand your IHC applications.

Synaptic Systems are a manufacturer and supplier of primary antibodies, who utilise the Vector Laboratories reagents in house for quality control purposes. Their HistoSure™ range of primary antibodies offer excellent and reliable results.

Christel Bonnas is currently Director of the HistoSure™ brand at Synaptic Systems. Prior to joining Synaptic Systems, Christel obtained a Ph.D. in Medical Neurosciences from the Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany. For her discovery and characterisation of unknown isoforms of erythropoietin she was honoured with the PhD thesis award of the BGW, Berlin, Germany. Subsequently, Christel joined the Roche Postdoc Fellowship Programme, where she developed Multiplex IHC-P assays to support the drug development process in cancer research in the Translational Research Sciences Histopathology group at Roche, Penzberg, Germany. Before joining Synaptic Systems in 2015, Christel worked as Project Coordinator at Epomedics GmbH in the preclinical development of erythropoietin variants. In her role as Director of the HistoSure™ brand she is responsible for the HistoSure™ product portfolio.

Vector Laboratories have been manufacturing reagents for Immunohistochemistry for over 40 years and their reputation for reliability and reproducibility has made them the ‘go to’ reagents for many laboratories. Developed and manufactured in house, the VECTASTAIN® and ImmPRESS® reagents are well cited with thousands of references.  


Craig Pow is currently Director of Technical Services at Vector Laboratories. Prior to joining Vector Labs, Craig obtained a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, where he first learnt histological techniques studying reproductive biology in bats. Subsequently, Craig undertook post-doctoral studies at the California Primate Research Center, that involved examining cellular migration and differentiation using tissue-based staining methods in early post-implantation primate embryos. In his role at Vector Laboratories, he leverages his deep technical expertise to help researchers optimise and troubleshoot their experiments.

2BScientific are proud to represent both companies for  supply and distribution in the UK and Ireland. Aiming to support life science research in a sustainable way for a better world. 


Liz Salmon graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Medical Microbiology and went on to  Vector Laboratories' Technical Services in the UK for over 20 years, in a parallel role supported by Dr Pow. She joined the 2BScientific team in 2020, offering technical support and product management, and is always happy to help. 

There will be a Q & A session at the end of this webinar. A recording will be made available after the event.

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