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Cornerstones of the Team - Suppliers

2BScientific doesn’t just set out to keep our promise of “no-one does more for the customer” whilst providing an incredible range of reagents. Since 2009, brothers and founders of the company, Tim and James Bernard set out to make a reputable, trustworthy, and dependable business. This has been demonstrated time and time again through multiple ISO accreditations, offsetting our carbon footprint to make us carbon neutral, a range of international charity work via donations, and being a member of the Slave-Free alliance.

2BScientific is a well-respected company that is made up of a talented team of professionals, including board members, sales, marketing, supply chain management, finance, customer support, and logistics. Each team plays a vital role in the company's success and works hard to ensure that all aspects of the business are running smoothly. The teams are dedicated, skilled, and committed to providing the best possible experience for customers.









Our supplier team is an incredibly valuable part of 2BScientific, with the main roles being management of our Supplying Partners, maintaining a positive relationship with all points of contact from our Suppliers, and managing the vast dataflows that can be output. Here at 2BScientific we have a small, tightly knit Supplier team that remains unified and reliable. Each member of the team is responsible for a number of vital processes, which interlink to ensure that our Suppliers can effectively provide information to our other teams and launch products seamlessly.

These collective efforts strengthen our relationships with suppliers, enhance the user experience for our customers, and optimise our operational efficiency. With the dedication and expertise of our professionals, we position ourselves to deliver exceptional value, customer satisfaction, and an outstanding reputation as a leading life science distributor.



As the Supplier Coordinator, their primary responsibility revolves around effectively managing the network of Supplying Partners and nurturing strong relationships with them. Within 2BScientific, they serve as the main point of contact (PoC) for suppliers, overseeing critical communications.

In this role, relationship management plays a pivotal part. The Supplier Coordinator actively engages with suppliers, working closely alongside them to optimise the company's ability to meet customer needs. An example that sets 2BScientific apart from the competition, is their commitment to maintaining an open, communicative, productive, and mutually respectful partnership with suppliers. This approach ensures that 2BScientific can consistently deliver excellent service and enhance customer satisfaction