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2BScientific Turns 10 Years Old!

2BScientific was created 10 years ago when brothers, James and Tim Bernard, saw a major opportunity for a new life science distributor that was fresh, creative and reflective of the customer demographic in a traditionally “conservative” market. They thought that other distribution companies were “old fashioned” and not necessarily digitally savvy. Having previously (at Serotec Ltd) been a supplier of life science products through a worldwide distributor network for many years, they knew how a proactive distributor operated, adding real value to the customer experience.

After 25 years at Serotec, they wished to continue to do something that they loved and did this by pursuing their passion of working in the Life Science market. The UK market was always their number one focus and the one they had most experience of. Simply put, they wanted to make a difference, by creating something that was different. The ways in which they carry this out in day-to-day operations is highlighted as part of 2BScientific`s core values and shown on the website under “We Do Things Differently”.

They were also conscious that whilst supplying the UK and European life science research markets with innovative products, they wanted to additionally help the environment and be engaged with a wider social responsibility. Consequently, 2BScientific enthusiastically adopted schemes that provided financial assistance to the Bees, through  donations to the British Beekeepers Association and the Bees for Development Charity, a sustainable Plastics Policy, promoting the Slave-Free Alliance policies and providing donations to Children’s hospitals in Oxford, Great Ormond Street & Leeds, amongst others.

Furthermore, they were keen to create jobs within the local Oxfordshire area by providing a different and vibrant working atmosphere to really help staff develop. Consequently, the 2BScientific Mission Statement includes how they wish to provide a positive, meaningful working environment to their staff members, with the explicit idea of employing excellent people from both the local area and from around the world. They also wanted their employees to be both a reflection of and connected to 2BScientific`s main customer base.

Stay tuned for the ways in which we will be saying thank you to you, our loyal customers, for the past 10 years!