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Largest Modern Slavery Case in UK History Centred on Exploitation Within Businesses and Supply Chains.

Slave-Free Alliance is part of Hope for Justice, a leading global charity. Slave-Free Alliance is a membership scheme for businesses of all sizes who want to protect and enhance their reputations and improve the quality of the products and services they offer.

We are now a member of the Slave Free Alliance, working towards the elimination of labour exploitation and a Slave Free Supply chain. Joining the Slave Free Alliance offers 2BScientific a ‘thought-through solution to a complex and growing risk area.

This article was sent by The Slave Free Alliance with regards to the largest slavery case in UK history and how their parent company, Hope for Justice played and integral role.

"We have experienced increased interest in the services we offer thanks to the global media coverage of the Operation Fort modern slavery case, the largest in UK and possibly European history. Our parent charity, Hope for Justice, was an integral part of the case, having identified more than 50 of the victims and working closely with police from the beginning in 2015. 

Some of the companies affected were offered help during the course of the 2015-2019 investigation by Hope for Justice. Many have now become members of Slave-Free Alliance to mitigate the risk of anything like this happening again, protecting their operations and supply chains for the future."

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