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Ghana - Bees For Development Jan 23

Bees for Development is the global charity which makes life better with bees. They promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, build resilient livelihoods and benefit biodiversity.

Monthly Update from Bees For Development:

Now that we have started the year 2023, Bees for Development will shortly be celebrating their 30th year of action! They hope to begin the year with huge progress in the areas where they work - building the capacity of their teams to achieve more work for people, bees and biodiversity.

Here is their latest statement on the progress in Ghana:

"The BfD Ghana team are excited to have taken delivery of a (second-hand) vehicle - essential for honey trading work. It allows our team to buy honeycomb, take it to the processing centre and extract honey and beeswax to sell, making money for the beekeepers. 
The truck means also that Isaac and Gideon can more readily visit our other work areas to deliver educational packs and equipment - this will save money from having to hire vehicles."

To ensure beekeepers are able to access high-value markets for honey and beeswax, Bees for Development Ghana are establishing a new route to market by investing in Honey and Beeswax Trade Centre.
This profitable social-enterprise will improve people’s life chances, provide training and employment opportunities for those furthest from the market, support communities and help the environment!