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How To Revitalise Tired Bees

You’ve probably realised we love bees here at 2BScientific. For every order placed with us by a customer, we help towards research funding by the British Bee Keepers association with a £1.00 donation. That soon adds up!

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem - read more about them here.

Unfortunately bee populations continue to decline. You might have noticed fewer bees bobbing around your garden this summer. You might even have noticed one or two bees, perched on your fence, or crawling on your patio. It’s easy to mistake these bees for dead or dying - often they’re just dehydrated, and in need of an energy boost to recover their buzz!


It’s easy to help a tired bee get back on his game, and it can be rewarding knowing you’ve helped him to forage for his hive a little longer. Read on for some quick, simple tips.

Sugar water

It’s this easy. There are a still a few rules to remember, but the long and short of it is a simple sugar water solution can give a bee the lift it needs to get back in the air. To create this revitalising drink you’ll need:

  • white, granulated sugar
  • water
  • a saucer or spoon

Mix two tablespoons of the sugar with one tablespoon of water, and add the resulting solution to your saucer/spoon. (We prefer the spoon - it removes the temptation to add more water!)

Carefully place the tired bee on the saucer/spoon, ensuring that it is not in a position where it might drown. Then sit back and watch while the bee wets its whistle. A revitalised bee with shortly follow!


Sugar water really is the best solution. Make sure you always use white, granulated sugar - other kinds aren’t always suitable, and could end up causing the bee more injury. Honey is also a no-go!

This advice comes straight from the RSPB, so you can go right ahead and help any tired bees you spot in good conscience.

It might not sound like much, but if everyone helped out a tired bee with a quick, energy-boosting drink, there’d be a lot more bees returning safe to their hives this summer.

Every little counts!

To find out more about how 2BScientific is aiding with bee population research, see here. For general inquiries, contact us here.