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ZytoPure® FISH Probes for Lung Cancer

In situ hybridization

Zytomed Systems is proud to offer the new product line ZytoPure® FISH, a reliable and accurate tool for the detection of genetic aberrations in FFPE tissue sections, cell samples and metaphase spreads by fluorescence in situ hybridization. ZytoPure® FISH Probes display brilliant signals, low background, and an excellent signal to noise ratio. They are intended to be used in combination with the ZytoPure® FISH Accessory Kit comprising all reagents necessary for performing a FISH procedure on FFPE sections. The kit contains just 4 reagents and includes a robust and easy to follow protocol. All ZytoPure® FISH Probes as well as the ZytoPure® FISH Accessory Kit are CE/IVD-labelled.

Background information: ZytoPure® FISH Probes for lung cancer

Rearrangements of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) ALK, ROS1, and RET determine clinically important molecular subgroups of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). About 3 % – 5 % of all NSCLCs show an ALK rearrangement, and 1 % - 2 % show ROS1 or RET rearrangements [1]. In all fusion variants, the 3´ TK domain is fused to the promotor regions and 5´ coding regions of the fusion partner. Hence, rearranged RTKs are permanently active, sending proliferation signals into the cell, and thereby promoting non-controlled cell growth.

Several very efficient TK inhibitors (TKIs) were launched in recent years [2], and as a consequence the median survival of an ALK positive NSCLC patient treated with two ALK inhibitors is now more than 5 years [3]! Amplification of the MET gene is the second most common resistance mechanism of lung adenocarcinomas against EGFR TKIs [4]. In addition, primary MET amplification is also found in a small percentage of treatment-naïve lung adenocarcinomas [5].

Product information

ZytoPure® FISH Probes for lung cancer

Description Labelling  CE/IVD Cat. No.
ALK Break Apart ZytoPure® FISH Probe green/orange F2C002
ROS1 Break Apart ZytoPure® FISH Probe  orange/green F2C003
RET Break Apart ZytoPure® FISH Probe orange/green F2C004
MET/CEP7 ZytoPure® FISH Probe green/orange F2C005

Ancillary Reagents

Description  CE/IVD  Cat. No.
ZytoPure® FISH Accessory Kit (Pepsin Solution, 4 ml; FISH Pretreatment Buffer, 500 ml; 20x FISH Wash Buffer, 2 x 50 ml; DAPI/Antifade Solution, 800 µl) FA-Kit1-20
Pepsin Solution  FA-001-004
FISH Pretreatment Buffer (rtu) FA-002-500
20x FISH Wash Buffer FA-003-050
DAPI/Antifade Solution FA-004-008
Fixogum (Rubber Cement) - ZY-FX125

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