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ZytoPure® FISH Probes for ERBB2/CEP17

In situ hybridization

Zytomed Systems is proud to offer the new product line ZytoPure® FISH, a reliable and accurate tool for the detection of genetic aberrations in FFPE tissue sections, cell samples and metaphase spreads by fluorescence in situ hybridization.  ZytoPure® FISH Probes display brilliant signals, low background, and an excellent signal to noise ratio. They are intended to be used in combination with the ZytoPure® FISH Accessory Kit comprising all reagents necessary for performing a FISH procedure on FFPE sections. The kit contains just 4 reagents and includes a robust and easy to follow protocol. All ZytoPure® FISH Probes as well as the ZytoPure® FISH Accessory Kit are CE/IVD-labelled.

Background information: ERBB2/CEP17 ZytoPure® FISH Probe

The ERBB2/CEP17 ZytoPure® FISH Probe simultaneously determines the status of the ERBB2 gene and the centromeric alpha satellite sequences of chromosome 17. Amplification of ERBB2 is quite common in breast cancer (appr. 15 % – 20 %) and in gastric cancer [1, 2], and has been known for many years as a driver mutation [3].

Therefore, deteremination of the ERBB2 status is obligatory in these tumor entities. ERBB2 codes for a growth factor receptor which can be blocked efficiently by monoclonal antibodies or small molecules. Application of these drugs in breast cancer patients is one of the earliest examples for a targeted tumor therapy based on the patient´s mutational status [4].

Product information

ERBB2/CEP17 ZytoPure® FISH Probe

Description Labelling CE/IVD Volume Cat. No.
ERBB2/CEP17 ZytoPure® FISH Probe orange/green 20 µl F2C001-002
100 µl F2C001-010

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