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For anyone embarking on IHC, or experiencing issues with their staining, this webinar series featuring Dr Craig Pow, Vector Laboratories’ Director of Technical Services is highly recommended. Dr Pow has been with Vector Laboratories for nearly 25 years, assisting researchers with their IHC staining, as well as discussing the development of new reagents with the R & D team.  

Webinar 1 - Troubleshooting Background in IHC and IF Applications 

Although the causes of non-specific background staining in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) applications may differ slightly, they can obscure the detection of your specific signal. Learn about the sources of background staining and how to troubleshoot unwanted background in IHC and IF applications. 
Topics of discussion include: 
- Why background staining is problematic 
- How to identify sources of background 
- Strategies used to eliminate background 

Webinar 2 - Control sections for IHC & IF applications –why to use them and what is an appropriate control?

View this webinar for a discussion on the types of controls to use, and what makes an appropriate positive and negative control. 
Topics of discussion include: 
- Controls to help troubleshoot background 
- Positive controls to assess assay sensitivity 
- Negative controls to identify false positive staining 

Webinar 3 - Maximizing Signal Retention in IF Applications

Low signal and loss of signal frustrate investigators as these issues are often encountered when performing immunofluorescence (IF) assays. Learn techniques and strategies that maximize signal intensity and retention in cell- and tissue-based IF. 
Topics of discussion include: 
- Optimizing IF workflow 
- Detection methodologies 
- Preserving the stained specimen 

Webinar 4 - Counterstaining Tips and Caveats in IHC

Counterstains are often applied haphazardly at the end of an IHC procedure with little thought given to optimizing conditions for providing the best contrast with the specific antigen staining. Poor application or selection of a counterstain frequently causes a multitude of issues including color incompatibility, loss of substrate precipitate and obstruction of target antigen staining. Please join our webinar to learn about considerations when applying a counterstain and tips to avoid commonly encountered issues.

Webinar 5 - Considerations for Selecting IHC Detection Reagents

While the IHC workflow is well established, the detection reagents utilized will dictate assay parameters such as specificity, sensitivity, assay time, costs and clarity of imaging. Gain insights into selecting the most appropriate reagents for your given IHC assay in this webinar.


Further Resources & Technical Support 

Vector Laboratories has produced a number of helpful guides which can be downloaded here

IHC Guide  

IF Guide  

Troubleshooting Guide for ABC Systems 

Troubleshooting Guide for Polymer Systems

If you're in the UK and would like a printed copy, please request them here

Still stuck, or want to talk it through? 

2B Scientific is pleased to offer local support in the UK. Liz Salmon has joined the 2B team after 20 years working in Vector Laboratories’ Technical Services, and is happy to discuss all the above and more to help you achieve staining success.  

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