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VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit

A new cutting-edge product from Vector Laboratories!

Meet VectaPlex™, the newest addition to the Vector Laboratories range!

This ready-to-use kit is designed to remove antibodies and other non-covalently bound detection reagents from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections in immunofluorescence or tyramide signal amplification staining workflows.

VectaPlex™ simplifies sample processing for manual workflows, accelerates multiplex assay optimization, preserves precious sample, and maintains tissue integrity and morphology through multiple cycles of antibody binding and removal.

3 rounds of VectaPlex...

3 rounds of VectaPlex...

Image captured after completion of 3 rounds of tyramide staining. VectaPlex™ was used after each round. FFPE tonsil; 3 mouse primary antibodies (CD3 (red), CD68 (Green), AE1/AE3 (Purple)); detected using Opal 3-Plex TSA Kit

6 rounds of VectaPlex...

6 rounds of VectaPlex...

Composite image generated from individual images taken during 6 rounds of IF staining using VectaPlex™. FFPE stomach; 6 mouse primaries (CD20 (Red), CD34 (Yellow), DES (Cyan, AE1/AE3 (Magenta), CD3 (Grey), VIM (Green)); DyLight 488 horse anti-mouse IgG.

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See below for the complete VectaPlex™ User Guide.