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SoluLINK® Bioconjugation

An Introduction to Bioconjugation

The SoluLINK Bioconjugation products offer unique features to help researchers and manufacturers label reagent consistently and measurably in 4-6 hours, as the HyNic-4FB conjugation reaction can be tracked spectrophotometrically. This ability to control the reaction avoids wastage of precious proteins caused to precipitate out of solution if they are over conjugated, and GMP standards can be achieved. 

With a range of supporting reagents, SoluLINK can assist with the bioconjugation required for a range of assays, such as ELISAs, affinity chromatography, flow cytometry, and bead assays. Gentle chemistries and stable bond formation – to 92°C and pH 2.0 - 10.0, means the SoluLINK reagent is a conjugation method of choice.   

SoluLINK bioconjugation technology is engineered fo rhigh-performance conjugation of all classes of biomolecules, including antibodies, proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates, drugs and surfaces. The result is reliable, quantifiable labelling delivering ready-to-use conjugates at high yield.

Example of SoluLINK conjugations
Conjugate Use
Oligonucleotide-antibody conjugates Proximity Ligation Assays (PLA)
Oligonucleotide-KLH conjugates Anti-Oligonucleotide antibody synthesis
Carbohydrates-KLH conjugates Production of anti-carbohydrates antibodies
Bacterial carbohydrate-bead conjugates Diagnostic assays
siRNA-antibody conjugates with
disulfide cleavible linker
siRNA delivery
siRNA-cationic peptide conjugates siRNA delivery
Drug-protein conjugates Drug delivery
Drug-KLH conjugates Immunodetection

Each step of the conjugation can be controlled to ensure ideal labelling of each biomolecule, and the final conjugation can be tracked using a spectrophotometer.

Conjugates can be stable for 6 months once prepared & purified and 4FB labelled reagents are often stable for many weeks. (HyNic labelling should be done just prior to conjugation to avoid dimer formation)  

<= Solulink's easy to use, linker-based technology.


Ancillary Reagents 

To give you ultimate flexibility, many of the SoluLINK reagents are available as separate reagents, enabling you to build your own conjugation.

A Type of conjugate B Type of molecule C Reactive Group   D SoluLINK Product


If using an Amino (NH2) then use: Linker 1 S-HyNic (S-1002-105)
If using a Thiol (SH2) then use: MHPH (S-1009-010)
Protein If using an Amino (NH2) then use: Linker 2 S-4FB (S-1004-105)
Protein -Oligos Protein If using an Amino (NH2) then use: Linker 1 S-HyNic (S-1002-105)
If using a Thiol (SH2) then use: MHPH (S-1009-010)
Oligo If using a 3’ or 5’ Amino, then use: Linker 2 S-4FB (S-1004-105)
Protein -MagnaLINK Beads conjugation MagnaLINK Beads If using 4FB Magnetic beads Linker 1 MagnaLINK 4FB Magnetic Beads (M-1004-010)
AB, other protein, R-PE, APC, perCP, HRP, AlkPhos If using an Amino (NH2) then use: Linker 2 S-HyNic (S-1002-105)
If using a Thiol (SH2) then use: MHPH (S-1009-010)

Instructions: SoluLINK technology requires 2 linkers to successfully conjugate 2 biomolecules to give you a quantifiable, controllable and stable result.

Step 1: Select type of conjugate (A)

Step 2: Select the 1st biomolecule (B) then select its reactive group (C). The SoluLINK product you require is in column D (Linker 1)

Step 3: Select the 2nd biomolecule (B) then select its reactive group (C). The SoluLINK product you require is in column D (Linker 2)

Step 4: Order the products referenced in steps 2 & 3 for a successful conjugation.


ChromaLINK™ Reagents 

ChromaLINK offers a quick way to label proteins with biotin or digoxigenin, taking approximately 2.5 hours labelling time, and 5 minutes to quantify – thanks to the incorporated bis-aryl hydrazone chromophore that  measures labelling using just a spectrophotometer.  There is a range of options depending on the solubility requirements of your protein, and the quantities of protein to be labelled.

Product Size SKU
ChromaLINKTM Biotin Labelling Kit Kit - labels 25ug to 1mg B-9007-105K
ChromaLINKTM One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit Kit - labels 100ug of Ab B-9007-009K
ChromaLINKTM One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit (Large Scale) Large-Scale - labels 2mg of Ab B-9007-020K
ChromaLINKTM One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit (Custom Size) Labels any amount Please Inquire
ChromaLINKTM​ Biotin Labelling Reagent (Sulfo Version Water Soluble) 10mg B-1007-110
ChromaLINKTM​ Biotin Labelling Reagent (Sulfo Version Water Soluble) 5 x 1.0mg B-1007-105
ChromaLINKTM​ Biotin Labelling Reagent (DMF Soluble) 10mg B-1001-010
ChromaLINKTM​ Biotin Labelling Reagent  (DMF Soluble) 5 x 1.0mg B-1001-105
ChromaLINKTM​ Biotin Malemide Reagent 10mg B-1012-010
ChromaLINKTM​ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labelling Kit Kit - labels 100ug of Ab B-9014-009K
ChromaLINKTM​​ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labelling Kit Large-Scale - labels 2mg B-9014-020K

Complete Kits

Kits containing all you need to simply label and purify your protein using SoluLINK or ChromaLINK technology. 

Product Size SKU
HRP- Antibody All-In-One Conjugation Kit Kit- conjugates 2x 100µg Ab A-9002-001
R-PE- Antibody Conjugation Kit Kit- conjugates 2x 0.5mg Ab P-9002-002
Protein-Protein Conjugation Kit Kit- labels 2x 650µg of protein (>7kDa) S-9010-1
Protein -Oligo Conjugation Kit Kit- labels 2x 650µg of protein to Oligo (20-120 nucleotides) S-9011-1
Fluorescein One-Shot Antibody Labelling Kit Kit- labels 2x 100µg of Ab F-9001-009K
ChromaLINK ™ Biotin Labelling Kit Kit -Labels 25µg to 1mg B-9007-105K
ChromaLINK™ One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit Kit – Labels 100µg of Ab B-9007-009K
ChromaLINK ™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labelling Kit Kit - Labels 100µg of Ab B-9014-009K

Magnetic beads

The SoluLINK NanoLINK beads have been engineered with a unique streptavidin crosslinking to allow the highest biotin binding capacity for beads of their size – up to 12x higher than other brands.

Designed for use in applications such as antibody based cell separation, IVD Immunoassay development, ChIP and DNA/RNA binding protein isolation, immunoprecipitation and protein isolation and next gen sequencing target enrichment.

Molecule NanoLINK (0.8um) binding capacity MagnaLINK (2.8um) binding capacity
Free Biotin >14 nmol/mg >12 nmol/mg
Biotinylated oligo (23-mer) >2.5 nmol/mg >0.8 nmol/mg
Biotinylated IgG (3 biotins per IgG) >250 ug/mg >112.6 ug/mg

The MagnaLINK beads offer exceptional uniformity in size, and prepared ready for covalent immobilization for user defined, high performance affinity purification schemes.  

The 4FB MagnaLINK magnetic beads offer an alternative to biotin binding, using the SoluLINK chemistry – this offers an efficient way to conjugate any HyNic labelled proteins and antibodies to beads, when compared to other existing methods.