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Glysite Scout

Immunofluorescent Glycan Screening Kit

Glysite™ Scout, Immunofluorescent Glycan Screening Kit - interrogate your tissue for glycan expression!  


Changes in glycosylation are known to occur in a number of pathologies, but as yet are not fully understood or well catalogued. Like other post translational modifications, glycosylation of proteins can have a big impact on their function. 

Glycan monitoring may be a useful tool that had not been considered, but  glycans can be used to detect cell responses to treatment or stimulus, they can affect biomarker association, and they can also be used to differentate cell types in the tumour microenvironment.

Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kits, Immunofluorescence, are fully integrated kits for the detection of glycan expression in tissue sections. This curated lectin selection enables detection of all the major glycan motifs for the evaluation of glycan distribution in a target specimen.

Lectin Binding Motifs (1) Category
GNL, Biotinylated Terminal α1-3 or α1-6 mannose Mannose 
PHA-L, Biotinylated β1-6 branched N-glycans, Binds tri- and tetraantennary Complex N-glycan 
Jacalin, Biotinylated Core 1 and 3 O-glycans, 3-substituted GalNAcα Core O-glycan
AAL, Biotinylated αFuc Fucose
MAL II, Biotinylated α2-3-sialylated Galβ1-3GalNAc in O-glycans, 3' sulfated βGal Sialic Acid and Sulfation
WGA, Biotinylated Terminal GlcNAcβ, Terminal GlcNAcα, Terminal NAc containing glycans GlcNAc and chitin
ECL, ECA, Biotinylated Terminal type 2 LacNAc, Terminal type 2 LacdiNAc Gal and LacNAc
WFA, WFL, Biotinylated Terminal GalNAcβ, Terminal GalNAcα, Terminal multiantennary LacNAc GalNAc

(1) Bohar D, et al. 2022. A Useful Guide to Lectin Binding: Machine-Learning Directed Annotation of 57 Unique Lectin Specificities. ACS Chemical Biology.

These kits contain all you need for the detection protocol, including Carbo-Free blocking reagent, streptavidin blocking reagent, biotinylated lectin panel,  DyLight™ Streptavidin (488, 594 or 649) as well as VECTASHIELD® Vibrance Mounting Media. The protocol is around 150 minutes, and similar to using a biotinylated primary antibody, so you're likely familiar with it already! 

2BScientific offers first response technical support for the Glysite Scout kits in the UK, with over 20 years' experience with lectins. With Vector Laboratories' 45 year history and further technical support, we don't know everything...

                         ...but we're here to help you make the discovery!

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