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ImmPRESS-ive range of detection!

Vector Laboratories offers one of the most research-friendly ranges of polymer detection. 


One of the advantages of (Strept)Avidin/ biotin complex methods such as LSAB, ABC etc is that it can be used after virtually any biotinylated reagent, offering researchers great flexibility when it comes to antibodies from less commonly used hosts. However, the use of micropolymers pre-conjugated to antibodies without biotin has many advantages, such as shorter methods and no need to block possible endogenous avidin & biotin. Not having to stay late to finish a protocol is always good! Unfortunately the range of species that can be detected with polymer kits is often limited to either mouse or rabbit. 

Vector Laboratories has one of the widest ranges of species for micropolymer detection, along with versions of antibodies adsorbed against closely related species – such as mouse and rat. This makes the ImmPRESS range one of the most research friendly micropolymer systems, and with a choice of HRP or AP conjugated enzymes too, offers great choice for multiple detection.

Some polymer systems are large and unwieldy molecules that struggle to penetrate tissues given their large molecular weight, but the ImmPRESS micropolymer offers great penetration as well as great sensitivity.

Although initially designed for use in manual methods the ImmPRESS polymer system has been tested on autostainers with favourable results, as found in the white paper based on results from the independent test centre.


Species of primary antibody Test Tissue species Enzyme of choice Catalogue No. Description Sizes
Mouse Mouse  HRP MP-2400 M.O.M. HRP ImmPRESS Kit 15ml
Rat HRP MP-7422 ImmPRESS Anti-Mouse Ig, rat adsorbed, HRP  15ml
Other HRP MP-7402        * PLUS Kit available
ImmPRESS Anti-Mouse Ig, HRP  (made in horse) 15ml
MP-7452 ImmPRESS Anti-Mouse Ig, HRP  (made in goat) 15ml
AP MP-5402 ImmPRESS Anti-Mouse Ig, AP  15ml
Rabbit All but Rabbit HRP MP-7401
*Plus Kit available
ImmPRESS anti-Rabbit Ig HRP Kit (made in Horse) 15ml
MP-7451 ImmPRESS anti-Rabbit Ig HRP Kit (made in Goat) 15ml
AP MP-5401 ImmPRESS Anti-Rabbit Ig AP Kit 15ml
Rat Mouse HRP MP-7444 ImmPRESS Anti-Rat Ig, Mouse Adsorbed , HRP 15ml
AP MP-5444 ImmPRESS Anti-Rat Ig, Mouse Adsorbed , AP 15ml
Other - not mouse or rat HRP MP-7404 ImmPRESS Anti-Rat Ig HRP Kit 50ml
AP MP-5404 ImmPRESS Anti- Rat Ig AP Kit 15ml
Goat All but Caprine, Ovine or Bovine HRP MP-7405 ImmPRESS Anti-Goat Ig, HRP Kit 15ml
AP MP-5405 ImmPRESS Anti-Goat Ig, AP Kit 15ml
Mouse &/ Rabbit All but Mouse, Rat or Rabbit HRP MP-7200
* Plus Kit available
ImmPRESS HRP Universal Ig Kit 15ml

*ImmPRESS Kits contain Ready to Use blocking serum & the ImmPRESS reagent as standard, but the ImmPRESS PLUS kits also contain BloxALL HRP/AP blocking reagent and DAB EqV enzyme substrate, all as ready to use reagents for the most convenient staining protocol. At a compact 15ml size, it’s great for small projects, or if you’re just getting started.

Double Labelling Options

The range also has super simplified multiple labelling reagents in the ImmPRESS Duet kits, complete kits for detection of a mouse and rabbit primary antibody in the same section. These kits include BloxALL HRP/AP Blocking reagent, a mouse/ rabbit HRP & AP cocktail as well as the ImmPACT DAB EqV and ImmPACT Vector Red substrates.

1* Ab Species Test tissue Enzyme Catalogue No. Description Size
Mouse AP (red)
Rabbit HRP (brown)
All but rat, rabbit and mouse AP/HRP MP-7714 ImmPRESS® Duet Double Staining Polymer Kit (HRP – Anti-Rabbit IgG-brown, AP – Anti-Mouse IgG-magenta) 15ml
Mouse HRP (brown)
Rabbit AP (red)
All but rat, rabbit and mouse AP/HRP MP-7724 ImmPRESS® Duet Double Staining Polymer Kit (HRP Anti-Mouse IgG-brown, AP Anti-Rabbit IgG-magenta) 15ml

If your desired combination isn't here, do check out Vector's Guide to Multiple Antigen Labeling, or contact our technical support, who will be happy to help you. 

Super Sensitive Detection


Whilst not much compares with tyramide amplification for sensitivity in IHC, tyramide can also amplify any background staining too, so requires a deft touch, or exceptionally rigorous blocking. The ImmPRESS Excel kits are a happy medium, very sensitive but without a tyramide price tag!

Utilising an amplifier antibody followed by the relevant ImmPRESS micropolymer, much more HRP can be deposited at the antigenic site. Coupled with the ImmPRESS EqV DAB as a complete kit, this offers Vector’s most sensitive IHC system.

1* Antibody species Catalogue no. Description  Sizes
Mouse MP-7602 ImmPRESS® Excel Amplified Polymer Staining Kit, Anti-Mouse IgG, HRP 15ml
Rabbit MP-7601 ImmPRESS® Excel Amplified Polymer Staining Kit, Anti-Rabbit IgG, HRP 15ml

More Questions?


Vector Laboratories has some brochures for further information:-

ImmPRESS Polymer Detection Brochure

Comprehensive Staining  Kits

Or contact our Technical team for UK based support! 


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