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Enzyme Substrates

Proprietary, easy-to-use enzyme substrates and kits

Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) Substrates

Vector offers alkaline phosphatase (AP) substrates in both original and ImmPACT™ formulations.

The original Vector® AP substrates offer a range of color choices and the following advantages:

  • Allow you to stain antigens in pigmented tissues and melanomas
  • Enable localization of multiple antigens in a single tissue section (the combination of Vector® Red and Vector® Blue substrate, for example, are useful in co-localization experiments)
  • Vector® Red and Vector® Blue substrates can be viewed with both conventional light microscopy as well as fluorescence miscroscopy
  • Vector® AP substrates can be both non-aqueous and aqueously mounted with the exception of Vector® Black, which should only be non-aqueously mounted
  • Vector® Blue substrate generates a product that can be cleared with citrus oil-based clearing agents and then permanently mounted
  • The BCIP/NBT substrate is frequently used for nitrocellulose or in situ hybridization applications

Our newer ImmPACT™ Vector® Red Substrate is the most sensitive red AP substrate:

  • 2-4 fold greater sensitivity than the original substrate
  • Supplied with stock solutions in dropper bottles and optimized diluent
  • Optimized specifically for immunohistochemistry applications
  • Can be viewed with fluorescence as well as light microscopy

Peroxidase (HRP) Substrates

Vector Laboratories offers two lines of peroxidase substrates.

Our original HRP substrate kits:

  • Provide sensitivity greater than conventional substrates
  • Are known for their consistency and reliability
  • Supplied as concentrated stock solutions in convenient dropper bottles, stable for one year

The ImmPACT™ line of HRP substrates offer the following advantages:

  • 2-4 fold greater sensitivity than the original substrate kits
  • Supplied with stock solutions in dropper bottles and optimized diluent
  • Optimized specifically for immunohistochemistry applications
  • Stock solutions stable for one year, working solution stable for up to 14 days at 4 ºC

Our enzyme substrate kits supply the reagents in convenient dropper bottles. This allows you to handle chromogens safely and easily, and eliminates wait times for mixing and dissolving powders or tablets. 

Substrate Colour SKU Microscopy  Mounting  Contrasr in Pigmented Tissue Multiple Labelling Heat Reseitance*
Brightfield Darkfield Fluorescence Spectral Imaging
Vector DAB Brown SK-4100   non-aqueous or aqueous  
Vector DAB+Ni Grey-Black SK-4100   non-aqueous    
ImmPACT DAB Brown SK-4105   non-aqueous or aqueous  
ImmPACT DAB EqV Brown SK-4103   non-aqueous or aqueous  
Vector VIP Purple SK-4600   non-aqueous  
ImmPACT VIP Purple SK-4605   non-aqueous  
Vector SG Blue-Grey SK-4700   non-aqueous or aqueous  
ImmPACT SG Blue-Grey SK-4705   non-aqueous or aqueous  
Vector NovaRED Red SK-4800   non-aqueous  
ImmPACT NovaRED Red SK-4805   non-aqueous  
Vector AEC Red SK-4200     aqueous  
ImmPACT AEC Red SK-4205     aqueous  
ImmPACT AEC Red Red SK-4285     aqueous  
TMB Blue SK-4400     non-aqueous      
Akaline Phospatase
Vector RED Magenta SK-5100   non-aqueous or aqueous
ImmPACT Vector RED Magenta SK-5105   non-aqueous or aqueous
Vector Blue Blue SK-5300   non-aqueous or aqueous
Vector Black Brown-Black SK-5200   non-aqueous      
BCIP/NBT Indigo SK-5400   non-aqueous or aqueous  

* Substrates that are designed "heat resistant" were developed on tissue then subjected to heat induced epitope retrieval (HIER) using a pressure cooker technique (stained tissue was pressure cooked for 1 minute in Antigen Unmasking Solution, returned to room temperature, and rinsed in buffder). Resulting sensitivity after this treatment was found to be equivalent to non-HIER treated tissue.

Enzyme Substrates
Enzyme Substrates

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