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Antigen Retrieval

Antigen unmasking solutions reveal antigens for optimum immunostaining

Use Vector Labs’ antigen retrieval reagents with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. These reagents (in combination with a high-temperature treatment) unmask antigens for optimum immunolabeling.

Vector offers you two formulations, each supplied as 100x concentrated stocks:

Lymph Node: Without (left panel) and with (right panel) TRIS-based Antigen Unmasking Solution, Cyclin D1 (rm), ImmPRESS® Anti-Rabbit IgG Kit, DAB (brown) substrate. Hematoxylin QS (blue) counterstain.

Antigen Unmasking using Pressure Cooker Technique

The process of fixing and heating tissue sections in a formalin-fixation, paraffin-embedding procedure often buries epitopes so that they cannot be detected by your primary antibody. Vector Laboratories' Antigen Unmasking Solutions are highly effective at revealing antigens in formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections when used in combination with a high temperature treatment procedure. These Antigen Unmasking Solutions are available in two formulations. The Citrate-based solution (H-3300) is pH 6.0; the Tris-based solution (H-3301) is pH 9.0.  Here we demonstrate pressure cooker technique for antigen retrieval.


Need more information on antigen unmasking or alternative methods including enzyme digestion? Visit our discussion page