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Kinetically Stable Alpha Synuclein Oligomers for Neurodegenerative Disease Research 


StressMarq’s kinetically stable alpha-synuclein oligomers are toxic to dopaminergic neurons and induce phosphorylation of alpha synuclein Ser129, a pathology associated with Parkinson’s disease. 

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 Human Alpha Synuclein Oligomers (Kinetically Stable) 

100ug, 200ug & 500u
(please inquire for bulk sizes)

These oligomers are generated without the addition of any inducers or inhibitors. Toxic.pngTOXIC 
(Left)Primary rat dopaminergic neurons 11 days after treatment with control PBS buffer.
(Right)Primary rat dopaminergic neurons 11 days after treatment with 10 μg/mL SPR-484.

Size-exclusion chromatography after a freeze-thaw cycle (B) and after 37C incubation for 14 days (C) 

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