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Reasons to adopt jellyfish collagen compared with mammalian collagens include:

•Prion & disease-vector free material.

•Inert & significantly cleaner at the miRNA level.

•Biocompatible offering a low immunogenicity profile.

•Consistent from one batch to another because of the simplistic physiology of jellyfish.

•Similar to mammalian and human type I, II, III, V collagens because of the ancient chemical lineage.

•Our collagen has been categorised as ‘Marine Type-0’ due to its versatility and not conforming to the more traditional mammalian ‘types’. International Journal of molecular Sciences . Flaig et al.

•Compatible with all existing cell culture methodologies (self-coating, imaging, etc).

How is JellaGel used in the lab?

JellaGel hydrogels can be formed in a variety of TC coated plate formats and Transwell inserts.

•In terms of stiffness, representative values for the JellaGel hydrogels are comparative to mammalian collagens and Matrigel

JellaGel can be prepared at room temperature*

•Standard laboratory apparatus can be used with this simple protocol and our ready-to-use vials.

How does JellaGel Perform in the lab?

JellaGel has been used for the 3D co-culture of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) and murine Embryonic Stem Cells (mESCs)..


Applications and key markets

Why adopt JellaGel into your research?

  • Easy to use: Can be formulated into a self-sustaining, cell-laden hydrogel at room temperature using our new JellaGel hydrogel kit.
  • Biochemically simple: No unwanted/undefined growth factors or biological contaminants that could negatively influence the culture of cells. Other biological agents (e.g. growth factors) can be added to JellaGel to provide a specific biological response (e.g. differentiation).
  • Batch-to-batch consistent: Offers improved research productivity allowing security of product consistency and reproducible results.
  • Non-mammalian & disease vector free: Jellyfish collagen alternative providing consistent, repeatable results.
  • Inert Material: Cleaner at miRNA level when compared to mammalian alternatives giving customers a cleaner cell culture with less off-target effects.
  • Phenol red-free: Removes potentially undesirable biochemical effects.
  • ISO13485:2016: Manufactured in a controlled and safe environment, fulfilling the expectations of customers and regulatory requirements.