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SurePAGE precast gels

High resolution & Robust seperation

GenScript SurePAGE Bis-Tris gels are high-performance precast mini polyacrylamide gels that are designed to separate a wide range of protein sizes by electrophoresis. Sure Page gels are cast in a neutral pH buffer that minimise polyacrylamide hydrolysis and increases gel stability. They run at neutral pH which minimises protein modification compared to Tris-glycine gels.

Proteins are separated on Surepage using MOPS or MES running buffer. we recommend using MOPS buffer for protein sizes that are >30kD and MES for proteinsthat are <30kD.

We recommend using 4xLDS sample buffer (M00676) as the sample loading buffer

SurePAGE precast gels
SurePAGE precast gels

SurePAGE 10x8 gels ordering list:

% Acrylamide Wells No. Well volume Quantity Cat. No.
4-12% 10, 12, 15 80, 60, 40ul 10 gels M00652, M00653, M00654
4-20% 10, 12, 15 80, 60, 40ul 10 gels M00655, M00656, M00657
8-16% 10, 12, 15 80, 60, 40ul 10 gels M00658, M00659, M00660
8% 10, 12, 15 80, 60, 40ul 10 gels M00661, M00662, M00663
10% 10, 12, 15 80, 60, 40ul 10 gels M00664, M00665, M00666
12% 10, 12, 15 80, 60, 40ul 10 gels M00667, M00668, M00669

Related Products:

Product Name Size Cat. No.
4xLDS Sample buffer 10ml, 250ml M00676-10, M00676-250
MES SDS RUNNING buffer powder 5 ps/ box (10 gels ) M00677
MOPS SDS Running buffer powder 5 ps/box (10 gels) M00138
Broad Multi Color Pre-Stained Protein Standard  250ul, 1250ul M00624-250, M00624-1250

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