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ELISA kits for Cancer & Immunology research

Wuhan Fine Biotech, Co. Ltd – the manufacturer of FineTest™ ELISA kits, is dedicated to offering relevant high-quality target ELISA kits to scientists working within Cancer and Immunology research.

Tumor markers (TM), released by the tumor cell itself or generated by the Host body’s response against tumor cells in the process of presence and growth of tumors in the body, are detected by biochemical and
immunological techniques in both the lab and clinic to assist in the diagnosis of Cancer. Tumor markers include tumor antigens, hormones, oncogenes and their expressed proteins etc.

  1. TM released by the tumor cell itself includes the targets of: AFP, CEA, HCG, PSA, CAl9-9, CA50, CA125 etc.
  2. TM generated by the response of Host against tumor cell includes the targets of: Serum ferritsn(SF), circular immune complex(CIC), tumor necrosis factor(TNF) and Interleukin receptor etc.

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