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Porcine IVF


Offered here are the IVF reagents developed by groups in Japan over more than 10 years and commercialized by the IFP (Institute for Functional Peptides. Cosmo Bio sells and supports IFP's products under our CSR reagent brand program.

Porcine IVF Product Name Cat. No. IFP Cat. No. Size
Basic Culture Kit for Porcine IVF Embryo Production: CSR-CK029 IFP100PEP-BK 1 kit
Complete Culture Kit Porcine IVF Embryo Production CSR-CK030 IFP101PEP-CK 1 kit
POE-CM (Porcine Oocyte/Embryo Collection Medium) CSR-CK020 IFP1040P 5 x 100 ml
POM (Basic Medium For Porcine Oocyte Maturation) CSR-CK021 IFP1010P 3 x 25 ml
HP-POM (High Performance Porcine Oocyte Maturation Medium) CSR-CK022 IFP1011P 3 x 25 ml
dbcAMP-100X (dbcAMP Concentrate, 100x Solution) CSR-CK027 IFP1060P 500 ul
SEM-5X (Porcine Semen Dilution Medium) CSR-CK026 IFP1050P 25 ml
PFM (Porcine Fertilization Medium): CSR-CK023 CSR-CK023 IFP1020 2 x 100 ml
PZM-5 (Porcine Embryo Development Medium) CSR-CK024 IFP0410 3 x 25 ml
PBM (Porcine Blastocyst Medium) CSR-CK025 IFP1030 2 x 25 ml


Basic culture kit for in vitro fertilized egg production. Cat. No. CSR-CK029, 1 kit (IFP100PEP-BK)
Porcine in vitro fertilized egg prodction consisting of egg / embryo recovery solution (POE-CM), basic medium for egg maturation (POM), sperm fluid (PFM), culture medium for embryo development (PZM-5), dbcAMP concentrate, and reproplate Basic culture set. Under low oxygen culture conditions (5% O2 /5% CO2 /90% N2 , 39° C), transplantable embryos (blastocysts) can be produced efficiently without co-culture of cumulus / granular membrane cells.

POE-CM (100 mL x 3)
POM (25 mL x 2)
PFM (100 mL x 1)
PZM-5 (25 mL x 1)
dbcAMP (100 times solution) (0.3 mL x 1)
Repro Plate (10 sheets ) × 3 pack)

Complete Culture Kit fo in vitro Fertilized Egg Production. Cat. No. CSR-CK030, 1 kit (IFP101PEP-CK)
A culture kit for the efficient production of high-quality embryos (blastocysts)by adding porcine late embryo culture medium (PBM) to basic culture set for in vitro fertilized egg production. This medium kit is particularly effective for the production of high-quality embryos, which is effective in increasing the number of blastocyst cells and forming escaped blastocysts.

POE-CM (100mL x 3)
POM (25mL x 2)
PFM (100mL x 1)
PZM-5 (25mL x 1)
PBM (25mL x 1)
dbcAMP (100 times solution) (0.3mL x 1) Book)
Repro plate (10 sheets x 3 packs)

Indicidual Reagents

POE-CM (porcine oocyte/embryo collection medium: CSR-CK020, 5x100ml (IFP1040P)
A collection solution suitable for collecting and washing pig eggs and embryos. Yoshioka et al. 1) PXM-Hepes medium is a completely synthetic medium with phenol red added. Ingredients include inorganic salts, sugars, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Hepes, baking soda and phenol red. It is sterilized and can be used as it is. Stable pH even when used at 37 ° C and atmospheric pressure. 1)Yoshioka.K., Et al J. Reprod. Dev., 54: 208-213, 2008.

POM (basic medium for porcine egg ripening): CSR-CK021, 3x25ml (IFP1010P)

Yoshioka et al. 1) in the reported porcine oocytes maturation medium (modified medium supplemented with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in POM), fully synthetic base medium suitable for egg maturation. This medium is sterilized and can be used as is. This medium effectively promotes egg maturation by low oxygen culture (5% O 2 /5% CO 2 /90% N 2 , 39 ° C).

HP-POM (Basic medium for maturation of high-performance porcine ova): CSR-CK022,3x25ml (IFP1011P)
Serum-free basal medium optimized for egg maturation, a high-performance medium supplemented with TGF-α and other basic medium for porcine ovum maturation Using this medium, the oocyte maturation rate is almost the same as that of the POM medium, but it has been reported that the embryo development rate (blastocyst development rate) after in vitro fertilization is high (Mito et al.) 1) . This medium is sterilized and can be used as is. The use of this medium effectively promotes egg maturation by performing low oxygen culture (5% O 2 /5% CO 2 /90% N 2 , 39 ° C).

dbcAMP-100X (dbcAMP concentrate (100-fold solution)) : CSR-CK027, 500ul (IFP1060P)
It is effective for normal maturation of porcine ovum by adding to basal medium for porcine ovum maturation (POM) or basic medium for maturation of porcine ovum (HP-POM) used for ovum maturation culture. This concentrate is sterilized and can be used by adding it directly to the maturation medium.


SEM-5X (semen dilution for medium): CSR-CK026, 25ml (IFP1050P)
Can be used to prepare isotonic percoll solution for washing and adjusting semen It is sterilized and can be used as it is.

PFM (porcine semen): CSR-CK023 (IFP1020)
Completely synthetic medium based on PGMtac4 medium (Yoshioka et al.) 1) , a medium optimized for porcine in vitro fertilization . Ingredients contained in the medium include inorganic salts, sugars, baking soda, theophylline, adenosine, and polyvinyl alcohol. This medium is sterilized and can be used as is. This medium effectively promotes in vitro fertilization by performing hypoxic culture (5% O 2 /5% CO 2 /90% N 2 , 39 ° C). 1) Yoshioka. K., et al., J. Reprod. Dev., 54: 208-213, 2008. Embryo Development

PZM-5 (Porcine embryo development medium): CSR-CK024, 3x25ml (IFP0410)
The product, Yoshioka et al., 1,2) porcine IVF embryo development medium developed by (PZM-4) completely synthetic medium with improved 3) is. This medium can also be used to culture in vitro fertilized embryos or porcine in vivo fertilized embryos collected after in vivo fertilization. This medium contains the components necessary for culturing naked fertilized embryos, so it can be used without preparing a special medium. By performing hypoxic culture (5% O 2 /5% CO 2 /90% N 2 , 39 ° C), embryo production (blastocyst) can be produced efficiently. This medium is sterilized and can be used immediately.
1) Yoshioka. K., et al., Biol. Reprod., 60: 112-119, 2002. 
2) Yoshioka. K., et al., Biol. Reprod., 69: 2092-2099, 2003. 
3) Yoshioka.K., Et al., J. Reprod. Dev., 54: 208-213, 2008.

PBM:CSR-CK025, 2 x 25ml (IFP1030)
PBM medium is prepared by adding glucose and glycine to porcine embryo development medium (PZM-5). After in vitro fertilisation (measles), culture in PZM-5 medium first, and then change to PBM medium after late development of morula, improving blastocyst incidence, increasing blastocyst cell number, escape A medium that is effectinve in increasing the rate of blastocyst formation. The optimal culture conditions when using this medium are low oxygen cultures (5% O2 /5% CO2/90% N2, 39 celsius. The edium is sterilised and can be used immediately.

Reproplate (Collagen-free 6-well plate): CSR-CK028, 10x10 plates (IFP9670)
It is a culture plate that has the best shape for ovum maturtion culture, in vitro fertilisation, and fertilised egg embryo culture (mortar-shaped 6-hole), and proves high egg maturation rate, in vitro fertiliastion rate and embryo development rate. As a feature of the repro plate, you can save culture fluid, semen and mineral oil. The shape if optimal for observation and culture operations under a stereo microscope. It is also ideal for in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilisation, and fertilised egg culture of a small number of eggs. It can also be used to remove cryoprotectants in the vitrification preservation method and indirect freezing method.