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Get 10% off a product when buying an in vivo antibody and IVF reagent!

Check out our new campaign to help promote healthy mice and quality results in your research.

2BScientific have released a new offer where purchasing an in vivo antibody will get you 10% off any IVF product from Cosmo Bio, and vice versa!*
*Please refer to our T&Cs for full details

With this campaign, we are hoping to provide assistance to in vivo researchers with products that can both maintain a healthy population of mice and give great quality results. Any products needed for in vivo research can be found on our website, just take a look through!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Purchase two products - One antibody used in in vivo research (InVivoMAb, VivoPureX) and One IVF product from Cosmo Bio.
  • The 10% discount will be applied to the product of smaller value.
  • Can be used on products for both mice and rats. 
  • Can not be used in conjuction with other offers.
  • Offer is valid until 31st December.

Look through some of our products below that are included in the offer:

Cosmo Bio

Cosmo Bio have developed their own brand of IVF-related products, that can save researchers valuable time when looking to increase and maintain their mice populations.

Follow the link to look further into their popular mouse IVF - CARD HyperOva[R] (KYD-010).

Bio X Cell

Bio X Cell have a large variety of in vivo antibodies in their InVivoMAb and InVivoPlus range which can be used to redeem this offer.

Take a closer look into one of their popular products - InVivoMAb anti-mouse PD-1 (BE0146).

Absolute Antibody

Absolute Antibody also has a large selection of in vivo antibodies with their VivopureX™ range.

Read more about their range of in vivo antibodies by following this linkVivopureX™ Antibodies for In Vivo Research.

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