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25% Off Synthesis Services for mono-biotinylated Proteins

CellFree Sciences have a new Special Offer available for their mono-biotinylated proteins services!

Biotinylation of proteins is one of the most commonly used methods for working with labeled proteins. Based on the very strong interaction between biotin and Streptavidin, biotinylated proteins can be easily used in different assay formats. The wheat germ cell-free system at CellFree Sciences allows them to easily prepare mono-biotinylated proteins during translation reactions.Find out more on their approach and services for preparing mono-biotinylated proteins on their website page:


Make use of our 25% off on every order received until September 30, 2022, for using CellFree Sciences to prepare a mono-biotinylated protein. This offer includes:

  • Protein expression reaction on 6 ml bilayer format*,
  • Protein purification using His- or GST-tag**,
  • Protein QC by SDS-PAGE,
  • Confirmation of protein biotinylation by HABA Test***,
  • Protein stock provided in elution buffer plus glycerol****,
  • Negative control reaction without template can be provided.

*CFS can use different biotin concentrations in the translation reaction depending on how the biotinylated protein will be used.

**His- or GST-tag are normally placed on C terminus.

***Using Pierce™ Biotin Quantitation Kit to determine biotinylation level.

****Buffer exchange possible on customer request.


To make use of this offer, contact us at, or fill out the form below with details of the synthesis you are looking for.

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