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Tools for studying Dengue Virus

Arigo provides a series of tools for your Dengue Virus research.

Dengue fever is caused by infection of dengue virus and transmitted by mosquitoes. Dengue virus (DENV) is a single-stranded RNA virus belonging to family Flaviviridae. There are 4 serotypes of the virus (called DEN-1, -2, -3 and -4) have been found. The DENV genome encodes 3 structural (capsid C, membrane M, and envelope E) and 7 nonstructural (NS1, NS2A, NS2B, NS3, NS4A, NS4B, and NS5) proteins.

Dengue diagnostic testing

Laboratory diagnosis of dengue can be made by detecting viral RNA, NS1 protein, IgM and IgG against DENV. NS1 protein, the early diagnosis marker, can be detected in DENV-infected patients as early as 1 day post onset of symptoms. For primary infection (first dengue or other flavivirus infection), IgM levels are useful for diagnosis of infection by day 3-5 up to over 2–3 months after onset, and IgG levels are elevated after 10-14 days and remain detectable for life. During secondary infection (had dengue or other flavivirus infection in past), IgG levels rise rapidly from 1-2 days after the onset of symptoms. IgM/IgG antibody ratios are commonly used to distinguish primary and secondary infection: primary infection patients have a higher IgM/IgG ratio while IgG levels are typically higher in the secondary infection stage.

ELISA Kit for Dengue virus NS1

NS1 antigen is the early diagnosis marker of acute DENV-infection..It can be detected as early as the first day after the onset of symptoms.  arigo offer specific and multiple sample useful ELISA kits to facilitate diagnostic testing and clinical research of DENV-infection.

 ◆ Early:  NS1 is detectable from day 1-9 post onset.
 ◆ Easy:  Only a single dilution of serum required.
 ◆ Fast: ~2.5 hr assay time.
 ◆ Flexible: Suitable for plasma, serum, and culture sup.
 ◆ Reliable: Detection of all 4 DENV serotypes
 ◆ Specific: No cross-reactivity with Zika virus.

ELISA Kit for DENV IgG and IgM antibodies

IgM/IgG antibody ratios are commonly used to distinguish primary and secondary infection.. arigo offer quality and easy-to-use ELISA kits to accelerate diagnostic testing and research of DENV-infection.

 ◆ Fast: ~2 hr assay time.
 ◆ Flexible: Useful for citrate-plasma, serum.
 ◆ Optimal: Only 10 µl sample required

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