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Surface Immobilization

AlphaThera's Surface Immobilization products provide uniform antibody orientation, maximizing the antigen binding density of the surface-immobilized antibodies, which can lead to an improvement in sensitivity, stability and longevity of capture antibodies. Applications include nanoparticle or plate immobilization.


  • Proper antibody orientation on surfaces
  • Improved assay sensitivity
  • Site-specific labeling ensures no impact on antigen binding

oYo-Link® Single-Biotin enables site-specific labeling of compatible antibodies with up to two labels of Biotin for antibody surface immobilization on Streptavidin-coated surfaces. Site-specific immobilization ensures proper antibody orientation, which can improve sensitivity, stability and longevity of capture antibodies for ELISA.                                                                                                            

oYo-Link® His-12 Tag uses a His-12 Tag for the immobilization of compatible antibodies on Transition Metal (e.g. Ni ²⁺, Co ²⁺) coated surfaces. Proper antibody orientation due to site-specific immobilization can improve sensitivity, stability and longevity of capture antibodies, with up to a >10-fold increase in sensitivity for ELISA through enabling increased antigen capture per unit area.

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