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LED Photo-crosslinking Device

AlphaThera’s LED Photo-Crosslinking Device uses nondamaging light (365nm) to enable the efficient and sitespecific labeling of antibodies with all oYo-Link products.


  • Sample tray makes conjugation setup easy
  • Timer tracks conjugation duration
  • Convenient

The LED Photo-Crosslinking Device (LEDPX) uses longwave, non-damaging UV energy (365nm) to enable the efficient and site-specific labeling of antibodies with all oYo-Link products.
Two LED lamps are used to provide a uniform intensity UV exposure, while generating less heat than a regular bulb. The LEDPX includes a digital countdown timer. An acrylic sample container is also included.    

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Alternative compatible photo-crosslinking devices

Does your lab already have a UV lamp? oYo-Link products are compatible with a wide range of long-wavelength (365 nm), 6-10W UV photo-crosslinking devices. See the list below or email us at if you would like to use an alternative compatible device:

  • Fisher Scientific UVP Compact and Handheld UV Lamps 6W 365nm
  • VWR® UV Hand Lamps UV-A Hand Lamp 365nm
  • Analytik Jena UVP Handheld UV Lamps Device 6W 365nm