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Customised Product and Services

AcZon is an Italian Company with a strong expertise in biochemistry. AcZon offer is not limited to products included in a list but is extended to all the knowledge gathered during the activity.

AcZon is a small, but complete, Company which develops produces and commercializes reagents for lifesciences. All the reagents can be customized for size, formulation and application. In addition, antibodies (peptides, oligonucleotides and more, in general, biomolecules) directly provided by customers can be conjugated with desired fluorescent molecule, enzyme, or nanoparticle.

The know how offered to customers includes cell culturing (of customer cell lines), protein purification, bioconjugation, nanoparticle synthesis, protocol validation and method implementation. The Company achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification (valid for the development and production of products for diagnostics, clinic and research. Development and validation of products and methods upon customer request) in 2013 and this attainment guarantees that products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, that the quality is consistently improved, and best practice is followed within the organization.

Thanks to the appointment of a service technical manager, the customer will be constantly updated about the state of the service request and will be able to interact with the person working on his project.

The supply process will be more similar to a research project and this is why AcZon could be considered the extension of your laboratory.  


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