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Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

Your solution to all your custom peptide needs with a unique 10 days express production service!

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Our custom peptide synthesis partner - SB-Peptide is an expert company based in France. They are able to synthesize any kinds of peptides from 2 to 100+ amino acids with a 99% purity rate. They offer a wide range of modifications. They also have state of the art Peptide Library Synthesis for hundreds of peptides.

Individual Peptide Synthesis

SB-PEPTIDE can synthesize peptides from 2 to 120 aa, mg to multi-grams at various purity grade.  Various modifications are available:

Conjugations possible at various positions (click-chemistry, amide bond, thioether bond…:

  • Fluorescent labeling: Cy, Alexa, FTIC, TAMRA, ATTO, BHQ…
  • Biotin labeling
  • Chelators (DOTA, NOTA…)
  • Cytotoxic payloads (MMAE, Doxo…)
  • Carrier proteins: KLH / BSA / OVA / CRM
  • Maleimide
  • Spacers : PEGn, Ahx, …
  • Lipids : palmitic, myristic…

Incorporation of modified amino acids:

  • D-amino acids
  • Phosphorylated Tyr, Thr, Ser
  • Heavy isotope AA: 13C / 15N labeling
  • Orn, Dap, Dab, Cit, Nva, K(Me), K(Ac), ADMA, SDMA, norArg…
  • Customized AA


  • Disulfide bridges: 1 to 5
  • Constrained structure: cyclic or bicyclic peptides
  • Head-to-tail cyclization
  • Lactam bridges


Peptide Library Synthesis
SB-Peptide has the technology to synthesize 96 complex peptides in parallel and offers various grades of quality controls.

  • Hundreds of Peptides1 to 5 mg unpurified (desalted) Ideal size 5 to 20aa, up to 60.
  • Highly customizable - OptionsHeavy isotope labeling, TFA removal,Extremity capping, Special AA..  Format - Lyophilized or in solution, In microtubes or in plates, Plate or tube replications possible, Sample mixing at predefined molarity.
  • 3 quality control levels - 100% LC-MS, 5% LC MS + 95% MS, 5% of samples tested in MS
  • In Silico Pre Selection - SB-Peptide has developed a proprietary predictive tool to screen and select easiest sequences to be synthesized.


Check out their website here - SB-PEPTIDE - Custom Peptide Synthesis

10 Days Express Service!

• Standard service: 4 weeks for most requests
• 10 days express service: shipping within 10 business days; option not invoiced in case of delay

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10 Days Express Service!

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