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Custom Assay Development

ELISA and EIA PCR and qPCR PCR Array

Using a global network of partnering labs, 2BScientific is able to offer a wide variety of Assay Development services relevant to cutting edge research across a number of resaerch areas. Our services include:

  • ELISA and EIA - based in regulated facilities in both North America and also Far East, we can provide a both automated High Throughput Screening using pre-devloped kits or the full customised development of novel targets for use in ELISA and EIA. Email us for more information at
  • PCR and qPCR - from oligo synthesis to custom primer sets for PCR all designs are tested against your target gene and provided as a 50 uM solution containing forward and reverse primers. Primer sequences and detailed reaction conditions included. Email us for more information at
  • PCR Array - Perform 200 PCR Arrays, generate replicate data and choose from over 50 cell pathways and processes. Email us for more information at


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