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Custom Services

Bee-spoke custom services designed for your research.

Sometimes the reagents needed to advance your research just aren’t available, or the expertise and resources are not there in-house.

This is why 2BScientific developed its range of Custom Services.

2BScientific is dedicated to providing as many quality bespoke services to our research partners as possible.

For any enquiries please contact us at or you can contact us at +44 (0)1869 238033. 

Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

Hundreds of Peptide
Highly Customizable
High Quality Control

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Antibody Production Services

Monoclonal Antibody Services
Polyclonal Antibody Services
Recombinant Antibody Services
Antibody Conjugation
Antibody Validation

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Protein Expression and Purification
Peptide Synthesis
Custom Peptide Libraries

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Assay Development

QRET, TR-FRET and solid phase formats
Western Blotting
PCR and qPCR
Micro Array Development

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Genetic Screening

CRISPR and RNAi Genetic Screening Services
Custom Pooled Lentiviral Libraries
Engineered Custom Cell Lines
DriverMapTM Expression Profiling Service
Individual Lentiviral Custom Constructs
Lentiviral Packaging Services
Next-Generation Sequencing of Samples from High-Throughput Genetic Screens

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Cell Culture

Cell Production
Cell Lines
Primary Cells
Custom Reporter Cell Lines (e.g. GFP, RFP, Luciferase, among others)
Custom Knock Down Cell Lines

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Molecular Biology

Stellaris FISH RNA Probes
Cloning and Sequencing Service
Dual-Labelled BHQ Probes
Plasmid Production
Vector Construction
In-Vitro Transcription
PCR and Real Time PCR

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Custom Aptamer Service

Aptamer Beacons
Enzyme Linked Oligonucleotide Assays (ELONA)
Flow Cytometry
And More!

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